50 Times Faster

Newsletter Studio is 50 times faster than any other software to send messages.

newsletter software The Turbo engine is a new mailing engine designed and developed entirely by PESARO SYSTEM® (which owns the rights) that allows you to send 50 emails at a time. Mailing List Studio is the only software in the world that can use this feature (another product of PESARO SYSTEM®).
It reduces the traffic to your SMTP server 50 times and consequently avoids overloading the network. This also means fewer problems with your internet provider.

Automatic subscription/remove


You can automatically manage subscriptions and removals, it is not necessary to do it manually.
Simply set up a mailbox, Newsletter Studio will check for new messages.

In case of messages with the subject REMOVE or SUBSCRIBE Newsletter Studio will manage subscriptions/cancellations automatically.
This will allow you to have always an updated mailing list.


Monitoring sent and read emails

mailing list

As most popular software for sending newsletter also Newsletter Studio allows you to check when sending the trend of the newsletter by displaying the total number of sent messages, not sent messages, pending messages.
In addition to these classical results Newsletter Studio allows you to check whether the messages were opened and read by recipients.
This feature allows you to have real stats about newsletter result.

Send unlimited messages

Newsletter Studio has been designed to send an unlimited number of messages.
Some of our customers manage mailing list with over 500.000 recipients.
Each message is sent separately so that the privacy of the recipients is protected and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.