opt list We thought that video guide may help you more easily use the software. Videos represent different moments working with Mailing List Studio. We have tried opt list to maintain a relationship Quality/Size of video files so that all users can view movies without downloading large video.

Installation and use of mailing list studio on more PCs. Shared database from more PCs at the same time. Real time result about sent / failed opt list / left / and read e-mail. Automatic Subscriptions/Remove management.

No limitation for the number of opt list receivers, present in each group and in the whole mailing list. Mailing list save and reopening of saved files. Importation data view, simply drawing the original data into Mailing List Studio. Supported formats: Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, Microsoft SQL®, Contacts, Outlook Express®, Windows Mail®, CSV files, Text files.

To buy Mailing List Studio, fill the blanks of the form entering your data and the selected version. Beware, the provided opt list data will be used as heading of the receipt.

For any information or advice do not hesitate to contact us at your opt list disposal.

It reduces the traffic to your SMTP server 50 times and consequently avoids opt list overloading the network. This also means fewer problems with your internet provider.

This is the new version (the V3), it is not a release but a completely new version and it's very different from the previous one . The change of version occurs because we developed new features that significantly change the use of the software. While releases are issued when we change or improve some existing opt list functionality.

This solution will protect your investment and ensure you will always have the opt list latest release of Mailing List Studio at no charge.

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Installation and use of mailing list studio on more PCs. Shared database from more PCs at the same time. Real time result about sent / failed / left / and opt list read e-mail. Automatic Subscriptions/Remove management.

The management of the mailing list has been further improved. You can divide groups of recipients into subgroups with opt list no limit about level and number. You can create so many groups you want and insert an unlimited number of recipients.

With few clicks, you can also import recipients from other software Windows compatible. In addition to the registry are available ten fields to store additional information which is generally not used. Also the opt list functions of search and filter.

Mailing List Studio is 50 times faster than any other software to send messages. The Turbo engine is a new mailing engine designed and developed entirely by PESARO SYSTEM® (which owns the rights) that allows you to send 50 emails at a time. Mailing List Studio is the only software opt list in the world that can use this feature (another product of PESARO SYSTEM®).

In addition to these classical opt list results Mailing List Studio allows you to check whether the messages were opened and read by recipients.

Mailing List Studio has been designed to send an unlimited number opt list of messages. Some of our customers manage mailing list with over 500.000 recipients.

The software is constantly updated. If you buy a Mailing List Studio licence, you will opt list enjoy forever the new releases thanks to the program "PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS". Every license Mailing List Studio has one-off cost (you pay only once, at the time of purchase). There is no limit of time or number of items and all items of mailing are free.

Mailing List Studio can import recipients from SQL Server or directly from Microsoft Office applications like MS Outlook, MS Access and MS Excel. opt list As well as from MS Office, you can also import data from Windows Mail or Outlook Express address book and even from simple text files such as .txt or .csv

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