mailing prices Each message is sent separately so that mailing prices the privacy of the recipients is protected and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.

Importation HTML mailing prices pages from files or internet sites. Possibility to include images in the messages or to connect them to images in the internet. Pre-formulated templates, ready to be used. Use of database mailing areas to personalize messages with the receivers' data. Removal of double recipients in a group or in the whole mailing list.

You can automatically manage subscriptions and removals, it is not necessary to do it mailing prices manually. Simply set up a mailbox, Mailing List Studio will check for new messages.

For any information mailing prices or advice do not hesitate to contact us at your disposal.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are mailing prices in the mailing list of a stranger even if you didn't never entered?

The mailing prices quality of the video is clear enough to help you work with Mailing List Studio. Thanks to these videos you can follow step by step the various sections of work. Each video has been made so that the user can stop and restart at any time. In addition to the movie every function is described by hand.

Unlimited mailing prices sending of messages. Fast sending through Turbo Engine which allows you to send your messages 50 times faster.

As most popular software for sending newsletter also Mailing List Studio allows you to check when sending the trend of the newsletter by displaying the total number of sent messages, not mailing prices sent messages, pending messages.

Unlimited number of senders' accounts. Sending messages by SMPT server already set in mailing prices the account or directly without SMTP. Internal message editor. Possibility to save and to file messages produced in .mss file format, to be able to use them again.

mailing prices

Mailing List Studio can import recipients from SQL Server or directly from Microsoft Office applications like MS Outlook, MS Access and MS Excel. As well as from MS Office, you can also import data from Windows Mail or Outlook Express address book and even from simple text files such as mailing prices .txt or .csv

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The software, you bought, is entitled to free upgrades on all releases that are issued for the same version. For example, if you bought the 1.x.xxxx version , you are entitled to all the upgrades for version 1, if you bought the 2.x.xxxx version you are entitled mailing prices to all the release of version 2, etc..

Unlimited sending of messages. Fast mailing prices sending through Turbo Engine which allows you to send your messages 50 times faster.

Mailing List Studio has been designed to send an unlimited number mailing prices of messages. Some of our customers manage mailing list with over 500.000 recipients.

With few clicks, you can also import recipients from other software Windows compatible. In addition to the registry are available ten fields to store additional information which is generally not used. mailing prices Also the functions of search and filter.

This is the new version (the V3), it is not a release but a completely new version and it's very different from the previous mailing prices one . The change of version occurs because we developed new features that significantly change the use of the software. While releases are issued when we change or improve some existing functionality.

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