mailing list normativa Messages are created directly within Mailing List Studio thanks to the editor HTML. You can begin immediately to create professional messages for any type of need exploiting an intelligent and mailing list normativa easy to use development environment.

Mailing List Studio can import recipients from SQL Server or directly from Microsoft Office applications like MS Outlook, MS mailing list normativa Access and MS Excel. As well as from MS Office, you can also import data from Windows Mail or Outlook Express address book and even from simple text files such as .txt or .csv

You can download free Mailing mailing list normativa List Studio.

Each message is sent separately so that the privacy of the recipients is protected mailing list normativa and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.

As most popular software for sending newsletter also Mailing List Studio allows you to check when sending the trend of the newsletter by displaying the total number of sent messages, not mailing list normativa sent messages, pending messages.

This solution will protect your investment and ensure you will always mailing list normativa have the latest release of Mailing List Studio at no charge.

You can automatically manage subscriptions and removals, it is not necessary to do it manually. Simply set up mailing list normativa a mailbox, Mailing List Studio will check for new messages.

You can mailing list normativa choose between two types of licensed software: Single License and Multi license. The Single License enables a single user to install and use the software, but the Multiple license allows more users to install and use the software on an unlimited number of PCs (of course, all the users must belong to the same company). Both models have the same function, the only difference is that if you have a Single License you can’t share your database with other users. The Multiple license lets you and other users work on the same mailing list database.

Installation and use of mailing list studio on mailing list normativa more PCs. Shared database from more PCs at the same time. Real time result about sent / failed / left / and read e-mail. Automatic Subscriptions/Remove management.

mailing list normativa

Importation HTML pages from files or internet sites. Possibility mailing list normativa to include images in the messages or to connect them to images in the internet. Pre-formulated templates, ready to be used. Use of database mailing areas to personalize messages with the receivers' data. Removal of double recipients in a group or in the whole mailing list.

We provide a free version of the product to allow users to try the software before purchase. The Freeware version is free, complete and functioning without expiry of time. The only difference from the Professional version is mailing list normativa the limited sending of 20 messages.

The management of the mailing list has been further improved. You can divide groups of recipients into subgroups with no limit mailing list normativa about level and number. You can create so many groups you want and insert an unlimited number of recipients.

Every little idea could be useful for improving this product. Even the most insignificant sometimes can become the most creative. For years we follow your recommendations to improve the functionality and performance of Mailing List Studio. For any information mailing list normativa or advice do not hesitate to contact us at your disposal.

Unlimited sending of messages. Fast sending through Turbo Engine which allows you to send your messages 50 times mailing list normativa faster.

This installation is mailing list normativa compatible with all operating systems Microsoft® Windows®.

Advanced management of the mailing list with selection of the whole mailing or single groups, duplication of groups and recipients, mailing list normativa automatic division of groups in areas, movement or copy of recipients from a group to another. Periodical releases with new free functions. Via email Assistance.

Would you give your data to a stranger, to someone who you don’t know and you’ve never seen before? Don’t trust a web application, you can never know if your data mailing list normativa are safe or someone else can use them for advertising or contacts reselling.

mailing list normativa