mailing list manager Installation and use of mailing mailing list manager list studio on more PCs. Shared database from more PCs at the same time. Real time result about sent / failed / left / and read e-mail. Automatic Subscriptions/Remove management.

As most popular software mailing list manager for sending newsletter also Mailing List Studio allows you to check when sending the trend of the newsletter by displaying the total number of sent messages, not sent messages, pending messages.

If you purchased an earlier version of Mailing List Studio and you haven't an "updating code", contact us at . We immediately send you the code that allows you to buy the upgrade mailing list manager at the price reserved to you.

You can easily send personalized email. Thanks to the dynamic variables a personalized message can be sent to each recipient, for example: "Dear Mr. Whites" or "Dear Comunication spa" instead mailing list manager of "Dear Customer" or "Dear Company. Each value in the registry of recipients will be used to create customized messages.

It is possible to create messages with a comprehensive text formatting, images, mailing list manager animations and audio. Images can be included in the message or connected to external files on the Web, all that to allow greater lightness and speed in sending a message. It is also possible to include attachments. You can also import HTML pages created with other editors.

This mailing list manager installation is compatible with all operating systems Microsoft® Windows®.

This is the new version (the V3), it is not a release but a completely new version and mailing list manager it's very different from the previous one . The change of version occurs because we developed new features that significantly change the use of the software. While releases are issued when we change or improve some existing functionality.

Mailing List Studio works with any SMTP server. Below we've provided SMTP servers generally used. Just copy and paste settings from your mail program on Mailing List Studio mailing list manager to begin immediately to send newsletters.

mailing list manager

Advanced management of the mailing list with selection mailing list manager of the whole mailing or single groups, duplication of groups and recipients, automatic division of groups in areas, movement or copy of recipients from a group to another. Periodical releases with new free functions. Via email Assistance.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are in the mailing list of a mailing list manager stranger even if you didn't never entered?

Mailing List Studio has been designed to send an unlimited number of messages. Some mailing list manager of our customers manage mailing list with over 500.000 recipients.

To buy Mailing List Studio, fill the blanks of the form entering your data and mailing list manager the selected version. Beware, the provided data will be used as heading of the receipt.

Each message is sent separately so that the mailing list manager privacy of the recipients is protected and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.

The software, you bought, is entitled to free upgrades on all releases that are issued for the same version. For example, if you bought the 1.x.xxxx version , you are entitled to all the upgrades for version 1, if you bought mailing list manager the 2.x.xxxx version you are entitled to all the release of version 2, etc..

You can download mailing list manager free Mailing List Studio.

The quality of the video is clear enough to help you work with Mailing List Studio. Thanks to these videos you can follow step by step the various sections of work. Each video has been made so that the user can mailing list manager stop and restart at any time. In addition to the movie every function is described by hand.

Mailing List Studio works with any SMTP server. Below we've provided SMTP servers generally used. Just copy and paste settings from your mail program on Mailing List Studio to begin immediately to send mailing list manager newsletters.

mailing list manager