email marketing voodoo In addition to these classical results Mailing List email marketing voodoo Studio allows you to check whether the messages were opened and read by recipients.

Unlimited sending of messages. Fast sending through Turbo Engine which email marketing voodoo allows you to send your messages 50 times faster.

If you have purchased the 3.x.xxxx email marketing voodoo you can free download the software from the download section, reinstall it (also over the previous version, the data will be maintained), and finally enter the activation code you already have.

The software is constantly updated. If you buy a Mailing List Studio licence, you will enjoy forever the new releases thanks to the program "PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS". Every license Mailing List Studio has one-off cost (you pay only once, at the time email marketing voodoo of purchase). There is no limit of time or number of items and all items of mailing are free.

If you purchased an earlier version of Mailing email marketing voodoo List Studio and you haven't an "updating code", contact us at . We immediately send you the code that allows you to buy the upgrade at the price reserved to you.

In case of messages with the subject REMOVE or SUBSCRIBE Mailing List Studio will manage subscriptions/cancellations automatically. This will allow you to have always an updated email marketing voodoo mailing list.

In addition to these classical results Mailing List Studio allows you to email marketing voodoo check whether the messages were opened and read by recipients.

We provide a free version of the product to allow users to try the software before purchase. The Freeware version is free, complete and functioning without expiry of time. The only difference from the Professional version is the limited sending of email marketing voodoo 20 messages.

Advanced management of the mailing list with selection of the whole mailing or single groups, duplication email marketing voodoo of groups and recipients, automatic division of groups in areas, movement or copy of recipients from a group to another. Periodical releases with new free functions. Via email Assistance.

email marketing voodoo

Mailing List Studio can import recipients from SQL Server or directly from Microsoft Office applications like MS Outlook, MS Access and MS Excel. As well as from MS Office, you can also import data from Windows Mail or Outlook email marketing voodoo Express address book and even from simple text files such as .txt or .csv

This installation is compatible with all operating systems Microsoft® email marketing voodoo Windows®.

With few clicks, you can also import recipients from other software Windows compatible. In addition to the registry are email marketing voodoo available ten fields to store additional information which is generally not used. Also the functions of search and filter.

In addition to these classical results Mailing email marketing voodoo List Studio allows you to check whether the messages were opened and read by recipients.

It is possible to create messages with a comprehensive text formatting, images, animations and audio. Images can be included in the message or connected to external files on the Web, all that to allow greater lightness and speed in sending a message. It email marketing voodoo is also possible to include attachments. You can also import HTML pages created with other editors.

Importation HTML pages from files or internet sites. Possibility to include images in the messages or to connect them to images in the internet. Pre-formulated templates, ready to be used. Use of database mailing areas to personalize messages with the receivers' data. Removal of double recipients in a group email marketing voodoo or in the whole mailing list.

Installation and use of mailing list studio on more PCs. Shared database from more PCs at the same email marketing voodoo time. Real time result about sent / failed / left / and read e-mail. Automatic Subscriptions/Remove management.

Maybe some of your friends/suppliers/customers have included you in their web platform for some mailing. Mailing List Studio is installed on your computer. email marketing voodoo Your data are safe and they'll remain in your computer forever . Nobody can steal and reuse them.

email marketing voodoo