email marketing resources Mailing List Studio is 50 times faster than any other software to send messages. The Turbo engine is a new mailing engine designed and developed entirely by PESARO SYSTEMŽ (which owns the rights) that allows you to send 50 emails at a time. Mailing email marketing resources List Studio is the only software in the world that can use this feature (another product of PESARO SYSTEMŽ).

This is the new version (the V3), it is not a release but a completely new version and it's very different from the previous one . The change of version occurs because we developed new features that significantly change the use of the software. While releases are issued when we email marketing resources change or improve some existing functionality.

The software is constantly updated. If you buy a Mailing List Studio licence, you will enjoy forever the new releases thanks to email marketing resources the program "PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS". Every license Mailing List Studio has one-off cost (you pay only once, at the time of purchase). There is no limit of time or number of items and all items of mailing are free.

If you purchased an earlier version of Mailing List Studio and you haven't an "updating code", contact us at . We immediately send you the code that allows you to buy email marketing resources the upgrade at the price reserved to you.

The possibility of submitting an email marketing resources application on your site directly with a simple link. Security of the privacy of the receiver. No spreading of other registered addresses. Unlimited mailing lists. The possibility to divide the mailing list into groups/subgroups for an unlimited number of groups or levels.

Each message is sent separately so that the privacy of the recipients is email marketing resources protected and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.

The management of the mailing list email marketing resources has been further improved. You can divide groups of recipients into subgroups with no limit about level and number. You can create so many groups you want and insert an unlimited number of recipients.

email marketing resources

For any information or advice do not hesitate to contact us at email marketing resources your disposal.

Mailing List Studio works with any SMTP server. Below we've provided SMTP servers generally used. Just copy and paste email marketing resources settings from your mail program on Mailing List Studio to begin immediately to send newsletters.

You can easily send personalized email. Thanks to the dynamic variables a personalized message can be sent to each recipient, for example: "Dear Mr. Whites" or "Dear Comunication spa" instead of "Dear Customer" or "Dear Company. Each value in the registry of recipients will be used to create customized email marketing resources messages.

In case of messages with the subject email marketing resources REMOVE or SUBSCRIBE Mailing List Studio will manage subscriptions/cancellations automatically. This will allow you to have always an updated mailing list.

For any information or advice do email marketing resources not hesitate to contact us at your disposal.

Mailing List Studio can import recipients from SQL Server or directly from Microsoft Office applications email marketing resources like MS Outlook, MS Access and MS Excel. As well as from MS Office, you can also import data from Windows Mail or Outlook Express address book and even from simple text files such as .txt or .csv

For any information or advice email marketing resources do not hesitate to contact us at your disposal.

This solution will email marketing resources protect your investment and ensure you will always have the latest release of Mailing List Studio at no charge.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are in the email marketing resources mailing list of a stranger even if you didn't never entered?

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