e mail mailing list The management of the mailing list has been further improved. You can divide groups of recipients into subgroups with no limit about level and number. You can create so many groups you want e mail mailing list and insert an unlimited number of recipients.

Installation and use of mailing list studio on more PCs. Shared database from e mail mailing list more PCs at the same time. Real time result about sent / failed / left / and read e-mail. Automatic Subscriptions/Remove management.

We provide a free version of the product to allow users to try the software before purchase. The Freeware version is free, complete and functioning without expiry of time. The only difference from the Professional version is the e mail mailing list limited sending of 20 messages.

Would you give your data to a stranger, to someone who you don’t know and you’ve never seen before? Don’t e mail mailing list trust a web application, you can never know if your data are safe or someone else can use them for advertising or contacts reselling.

Advanced management of the mailing list with selection e mail mailing list of the whole mailing or single groups, duplication of groups and recipients, automatic division of groups in areas, movement or copy of recipients from a group to another. Periodical releases with new free functions. Via email Assistance.

Mailing List Studio has been designed to send e mail mailing list an unlimited number of messages. Some of our customers manage mailing list with over 500.000 recipients.

You can easily send personalized e mail mailing list email. Thanks to the dynamic variables a personalized message can be sent to each recipient, for example: "Dear Mr. Whites" or "Dear Comunication spa" instead of "Dear Customer" or "Dear Company. Each value in the registry of recipients will be used to create customized messages.

As most popular software for sending newsletter also Mailing List Studio allows you to check when sending e mail mailing list the trend of the newsletter by displaying the total number of sent messages, not sent messages, pending messages.

e mail mailing list

Importation HTML e mail mailing list pages from files or internet sites. Possibility to include images in the messages or to connect them to images in the internet. Pre-formulated templates, ready to be used. Use of database mailing areas to personalize messages with the receivers' data. Removal of double recipients in a group or in the whole mailing list.

This solution will protect your investment and ensure you will always have the latest e mail mailing list release of Mailing List Studio at no charge.

In case of messages with the subject REMOVE or SUBSCRIBE Mailing e mail mailing list List Studio will manage subscriptions/cancellations automatically. This will allow you to have always an updated mailing list.

Each message is sent e mail mailing list separately so that the privacy of the recipients is protected and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.

You e mail mailing list can download free Mailing List Studio.

Each message is sent separately so that the privacy of the recipients e mail mailing list is protected and you are prevented from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of other recipients.

Unlimited sending of messages. Fast sending through Turbo Engine which allows you to send your messages 50 times e mail mailing list faster.

Unlimited number of senders' accounts. Sending messages by SMPT server already set in the account or directly without SMTP. Internal message editor. Possibility to save and to file messages produced in .mss file format, to be able to use e mail mailing list them again.

No limitation for the number of e mail mailing list receivers, present in each group and in the whole mailing list. Mailing list save and reopening of saved files. Importation data view, simply drawing the original data into Mailing List Studio. Supported formats: Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, Microsoft SQL®, Contacts, Outlook Express®, Windows Mail®, CSV files, Text files.

e mail mailing list